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Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund

Investment Objective

Fund closed to new investors since 1997.

Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund seeks long-term capital growth.The Fund seeks to achieve this objective by investing primarily in a limited number of small-cap U.S. companies we believe to be significantly undervalued. Current income is not an objective.

Fund Information

  • The Fund normally invests at least 80% of its net assets plus any borrowings for investment purposes in the equity securities, including convertible securities, of a limited number of companies whose market capitalizations at the time of purchase are considered small cap.
  • The Fund invests generally in companies with market capitalizations over $1 billion and up to market capitalizations found within small-cap indices.
  • The Fund may invest up to 30% of its assets in non-U.S. securities, which could include emerging market issuers, and may achieve its exposure to non-U.S. securities through investing in American depositary receipts (ADRs).
  • The Fund is non-diversified under federal securities laws and generally invests in 15 to 25 companies.
  • Benchmark index is Russell 2000 , though portfolio construction is 100% bottom-up.
  • Southeastern employees, related parties, and Longleaf trustees have a collective investment of over $175 million.
  • The Fund's assets are held primarily by institutional clients.
  • Our relationships are long-term. The average direct account tenure is between 5-10 years.


Southeastern has managed all portfolios consistently for over four decades.

We adhere to the same Governing Principles.
We employ the same Investment Approach.
We follow the same Investment Process.

Fund Facts at 6/30/19

Inception Date February 21, 1989
Net Assets $3.4 billion
Expense Ratio 0.92%
5yr Avg. Turnover 35%
Total Holdings 17
Wtd. Avg. Market Cap $4.9 billion
Minimum $10,000
Ticker LLSCX
CUSIP 54306920-7

Current Quarter Documents

Please find our current Fund Factsheet, Shareholder Letter and Quarterly Fund-Specific Commentary. The Quarterly Fund Commentary reviews performance, portfolio changes and opportunities within each fund. You can also find our fund commentary for all previous quarters here.

Fund Managers

O. Mason Hawkins, CFA

O. Mason Hawkins, CFA

Chairman, Principal

Southeastern since 1975
47 years investment experience
BA (Finance) University of Florida
MBA (Finance) University of Georgia

G. Staley Cates, CFA

G. Staley Cates, CFA

Vice-Chairman, Principal

Southeastern since 1986
33 years investment experience
BBA (Finance) University of Texas

Ross Glotzbach, CFA

Ross Glotzbach, CFA

CEO and Head of Research, Principal

Southeastern since 2004
16 years investment experience
BA (Economics) Princeton University

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