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Current Quarter Documents

Please find our current Fund Factsheet, Shareholder Letter and Quarterly Fund-Specific Commentary. The Quarterly Fund Commentary reviews performance, portfolio changes and opportunities within each fund. You can also find our fund commentary for all previous quarters here.

Prospectus & Reports

Please find our current Prospectus, Summary Report and, when applicable, our Semi-Annual Report or Annual Report below. The Summary Report includes the Fund Factsheet, Shareholder Letter and Quarterly Fund Commentary.

All of our reports can be found here.

Featured Articles

Advisor Perspectives

Josh Shores discusses the compelling investment opportunity set outside of the U.S.

Advisor Perspectives

Ross Glotzbach discusses Southeastern’s fundamental, bottom up, engaged investment approach in the current environment.

Barron's article discusses the resurgence of active stockpickers and highlights Longleaf Partners Fund as the top performing active fund in the second half of 2016.

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