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The Price-to-Value Podcast with Southeastern Asset Management

Welcome to The Price-to-Value Podcast with Southeastern Asset Management. This podcast series is for people interested in hearing Southeastern’s take on the topics that are top of mind for our clients and how they may impact our portfolios, from our Business, People, Price perspective.

In this episode, we share excerpts from a panel on International Value Investing that Southeastern co-hosted with Evermore Global Advisors in Omaha around the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Moderated by Greg Dowling from Fund Evaluation Group, Southeastern’s Josh Shores and Evermore’s David Marcus discuss their definition of “value”, the importance of engaging with management and having a local network and the bottom-up opportunity set outside the U.S. today.

If you have questions about our podcasts, please feel free to email us at podcast@seasset.com.


Episode 07 - Live from Omaha: International Value with FEG, Southeastern and Evermore

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Episode 06 - Prem Watsa - Insights on Investing, Underwriting and the Importance of Culture

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Episode 05 - Three Generations of Leadership

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Episode 04 - Unlocking Value in European Conglomerates

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Episode 03 - Is Value Investing Dead?

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Episode 02 - The Potential Impact of Tariffs and Trade Wars

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Episode 01 - The Evolution of Media and Telecom

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Business People Price - A Southeastern Podcast



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