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Our Investment Team

Our Investment Team

  • O. Mason Hawkins, CFA

    O. Mason Hawkins, CFA

    Chairman, Principal

    Southeastern since 1975
    47 years investment experience
    BA (Finance) University of Florida
    MBA (Finance) University of Georgia

  • G. Staley Cates, CFA

    G. Staley Cates, CFA

    Vice-Chairman, Principal

    Southeastern since 1986
    33 years investment experience
    BBA (Finance) University of Texas

  • Ross Glotzbach, CFA

    Ross Glotzbach, CFA

    CEO and Head of Research, Principal

    Southeastern since 2004
    16 years investment experience
    BA (Economics) Princeton University

  • Ken Siazon

    Ken Siazon


    Southeastern since 2006, based in Singapore
    30 years investment experience
    BS (Systems Engineering) University of Virginia
    MBA Harvard Business School

  • Lowry H. Howell, CFA

    Lowry H. Howell, CFA


    Southeastern since 2006
    24 years investment experience
    BA (Finance) Rhodes College
    MS (Accounting) Rhodes College

  • Josh Shores, CFA

    Josh Shores, CFA


    Southeastern since 2007
    17 years investment experience
    BA (Philosophy and Religious Studies) University of North Carolina

  • Manish Sharma, CFA

    Manish Sharma, CFA


    Southeastern since 2010, based in Singapore
    16 years investment experience
    B Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Indian Institute of Technology
    MS (Mechanical Engineering) Michigan State University
    MBA University of Chicago

  • John Woodman

    John Woodman

    Southeastern since 2016, based in London
    14 years investment experience
    BA (Geography and Environmental Science) University of Oxford

  • Brandon Arrindell, CFA

    Brandon Arrindell, CFA


    Southeastern since 2010
    11 years investment experience
    BA (Economics) Harvard College

  • Yaowen Zhang

    Yaowen Zhang

    Southeastern since 2014, based in Singapore
    5 years investment experience
    BBA Hons (Accounting and Finance) National University of Singapore

  • David Vyravipillai

    David Vyravipillai

    Southeastern since 2014, based in London
    5 years investment experience
    MA Hons (Law) University of Cambridge

  • Luke Willert

    Luke Willert

    Southeastern since 2017
    2 year investment experience
    BA (History) Pomona College
    AM (History) Harvard University