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About Us


Longleaf Partners Funds is a suite of mutual funds and UCITS funds that Southeastern Asset Management, the investment advisor to the Longleaf Partners Funds, created in 1987 as a way for Southeastern employees to invest alongside their clients. This alignment of incentives is a critical element of the firm’s ethos and code of ethics still today. Collectively, Southeastern’s employees and affiliates are the largest shareholders in the Longleaf Funds.

The Longleaf Partners Funds are available to U.S. and non-U.S. institutions and individual investors through the following funds:

US Investors
Partners Fund
Small Cap Fund
International Fund
Global Fund
Non-US Investors
Global UCITS Fund
Asia Pacific UCITS Fund

Since 1975, Southeastern Asset Management's investment philosophy has been to consistently employ our time-tested value approach to long-only equity investing based on owning strong businesses with good people at deeply discounted prices. We seek to reduce risk and deliver positive absolute returns for our investors over time.

Led by investment veterans Chairman and Founder, Mason Hawkins and Vice-Chairman, Staley Cates, Southeastern is 100% employee-owned and manages both the Longleaf Partners Funds and separately managed accounts for institutional clients.

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Our Competitive Advantages

Proven Investment Discipline

Over four decades of successful results across multiple equity universes using the same in-depth, rigorous, research discipline to assess business value, quality, and management competence.

Long-Term Investment Horizon

Long-term perspective that looks beyond short-term market pressures to make investments that are based on intrinsic business values.

Corporate Management Insight and Access

Superior insight and access provided by our extensive global company management relationships and long-term partnership record.

Cohesive Investment Team

Consistent leadership and philosophy for over four decades guiding a single, global, multigenerational team.

Aligned Partnership Approach

Alignment of interests with our investors through employee investment in the funds advised by Southeastern, firm independence, and selection of stocks with vested management.

Brief Summary

Founded 1975
Independent investment advisory firm
100% employee-owned
Research team of thirteen analysts

Assets Under Management at 6/30/19

Total $13 billion
US Large Cap Equities (closed) $3.4 billion
Global Equities $3.5 billion
US Small Cap Equities (closed) $3.4 billion
Non-US Equities $1.9 billion
Asia Pacific Equities $0.8 billion


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