• Longleaf Partners Funds searches the globe for great companies.
  • Longleaf and Southeastern has been the value investment leader since 1975.
  • Since 1975, we have applied our disciplined business appraisal  strategies to discover good businesses around the world.
  • Longleaf Partners Funds invests alongside our clients.
  • The 2015 Partners Discussion Webcast is available to view!

Value Investors Since 1975

Southeastern Asset Management has employed a time-tested value investment approach globally since 1975. We focus on high conviction, high concentration investing with a long-term time horizon.

We seek to invest in strong businesses, managed by good people that we can purchase at deeply discounted prices.

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  • Strong Business

    • Understandable
    • Financially sound
    • Competitively entrenched
    • Generates free cash flow that will grow over time
  • Good People

    • Honorable and trustworthy
    • Skilled operator
    • Capable capital allocators
    • Shareholder-oriented
    • Proper incentives
  • Deeply
    Discounted Price

    P/V = 60% or less of intrinsic value as determined by:

    • Present value of free cash flow
    • Net asset value
    • Comparable business sales

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Partnership Investing

Partnership is core to all that we do - within our firm, with our investors, and with company management teams.

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Proven Investment Approach

Our proven global investment approach focuses on protecting capital and delivering absolute returns.

Our Competitive Advantages
What Differentiates Us?

Southeastern has many differentiating qualities and value propositions.